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Re: [IP] Pity

I have to put my two cents worth in here too.  I maybe
do feel bad for myself every now and then like 3 weeks
ago when I was diagnosed with neuropathy.  To deal
with this on my own was so hard and aweful.  I let
this list know and was very relieved to find out that
I am not alone and I am not going to loose my feet in
the next month. 

--- Bud Hopper <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Well put, Andria!  The comment had to have been made
> by a non-DMer.
> Certainly one who is "out of our loop."  Anyone who
> finds it distasteful to
> associate with this group should spend their time
> elsewhere.  BW does not
> understand who we are at all!  Many of the people
> who frequent this
> newsgroup are amateur "scientists"....very
> intelligent people.
> There are many in this world who could learn by
> trading places with any one
> of us for just a few days.  We are dealing with a
> complicated disease, which
> requires having the intestinal fortitude, and
> intelligence to try new things
> on our respective bodies.
> Let the average person contemplate taking blood from
> their fingers 6-7 times
> a day, or injecting themselves with needles over
> 1,200 times every year.  I
> don't think it is a palatable thought for anyone,
> especially those who have
> never done it.  The gyrations we go through to
> attempt to avoid
> "complications" is a small price to pay in
> comparison to the latter.
> WE in this group are not delving in self-pity, but
> merely venting to one
> another, and sharing ideas which contribute to a
> higher quality of life.  I
> am sure that most of us here, have at one time or
> another thought about how
> lucky we are in comparison to many others who have
> afflictions and more
> serious problems.  I am also sure that most of us
> here, think about this
> much more than those who have never been challenged
> in life by having a
> health issue to deal with.
> If our cognizance of our mortality is evident to
> others, it is not a bad
> thing.  Typically, it would come across in our show
> of empathy towards each
> other and those who are suffering.
> If we are misunderstood by some who think we are
> full of self-pity, it is a
> shame.  They do not see the big picture as we do,
> and are missing out on
> much in life.  WE share a great deal in this forum,
> and there is a lot of
> love and support exchanged between members.
> WE all have different needs, but one thing is for
> sure.  None of us are
> critical of anyone who needs love and/or
> understanding, and/or
> YES...."pity."  I feel so sorry for people who
> "cannot see the forest for
> the trees."
> Bud Hopper

"Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind."
        --Bruce Lee 1940-1973
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