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Re: [[IP] Looking for a job!!!]

"Emily Snow" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> hey Everybody,
> I know this might not be the forum for this, but I figured any resource is 
> worth a try.  I am 23 years old Type I diabetic.  I have been on the pump 
> since May 99 and I graduate in May 00 from Univeristy of Maryland, College 
> Park with a BS in Community Helath Education.  I am currently working as a 
> intern at a local hospital in the community outreach program.  I am working

> with the diabetes programs.  I help run a Juvinelle Diabetes Support Gorup 
> and I co-teach a Living with Diabetes course.  I have also developed my own

> presentation about the link between depression and diabetes.  Anyway, I am 
> looking for a job that allows me to work with diabetics in a educational and

> support setting.  I am looking for something in the baltimore/Washington DC

> area but I am not limited to this region.  I am willing to travel, so any 
> where is fine (warmer climate preferred).  If anyone knows of any jobs that

> are available in this venue I would greatly appreicate it.  Even leads would

> be appreicated.  Thanks for your time and happy pumping for all!!!

I suppose this is a bit far afield, but a while back I got a message saying
that MiniMed needed sales reps in certain areas. This would definitely use
your knowledge of pumping to help people with their diabetes.

Anyway, go to MiniMed's webpage and see if they neec someone like you.
Of course if you have a Disetronics pump your may want to check THEIR

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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