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Re: [IP] ACE inhibitors-to Ginny

Ya I do understand
Sorry you have to go through so much..
take care and good luck with the continuous blood monitor.
My A1Cs are stuck at 9.0 because of the pred I am on..
Oh well..Got to keep on keeping on :)
At 12:05 PM 03/31/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>I will go that route if the next 24 hour urine doesn't have good numbers.  
>Frankly I am tired.  Tired of testing, tired of getting things wrong and 
>tired of fighting the insurance companies.  The other choice (no insurance
>not trying to do the best I can) is definitely not an alternative that I
>in the past enjoyed.  Been there done that and don't want to repeat it.
>I am to go on the MM Continuous Blood glucose monitor on Monday, I have been 
>experiencing wide swings in Blood sugars since the doctors switched me to 
>Humalog from years of Velosulin.  I just don't seem to get the hang of it.
>like those trailing amounts of Velosulin to keep things in check.  Hopefully 
>this will help me and my "diabetes team".
>In the last year I have learned carb counting and dropped my Hemoglobin A1c 
>to 6.6 from 9.0 so maybe this will be the key for me.  I sure hope.  Those 
>200's two hours after eating then one hour later 120 then one more hour 40's 
>are wearing on me.
>Carole H
>diagnosed 12/67, pumping since 1/84, two healthy boys born 4/90 and 1/93
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml