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[IP] lancets...

I get the digest version and am slowly scrolling through the many that have 
arrived since I last checked emial..( only yesterday i swear!.. ) but in case 
some one else has mentioned this i appologize...

I have just "learned" about the b-d microfine lancets.. they are teal green 
and are ROUND... the base is round AND the lancet is... no more angled things 
jamming into my fingers!  I heard about these at a JDF event and the two guys 
who recommended them to me showed me their fingers.. I wouldn't have even 
believed that they were diabetics (or testing frequently) if one of them 
wasn't a pump educator....

I'll let you all know if it works for me, but so far its definitely less 
painful (though i've never been TOO sensitive to the actual prick of a 

IDDM 23.5 years
24.5 YO
pumping 3 1/2 weeks (wow.. is it that long already!)

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