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Re: [IP] High BGs/Low A1c >

> Holly wrote:
>>  Summer ... has gone from 7.6 to 6.4...despite daily
300s (+)
>> she improved.  Doctor explained that we are aggressive
>> testing and correcting, which makes all the difference.

> exactly!  A blood sugar of 300 (+) will NOT have an
overall effect on you, or
> your A!C, UNLESS it is a SUSTAINED thing...so you spike
up to 300 post
> prandial a few times due to indulging in forbidden
pleasures - you WILL test
> in 2-3 hours, and IF you are high, you WILL take a
correction.  High blood
> sugars become a problem and result in complications when
the blood sugar
> level remains high for periods of time.
> Sara

This is the major plus of pumps (for me).  To be able to
recover from a high, and treat a low without a huge
rebound, is much easier with a pump.  I can get a 300 down
to 100 very quickly.  Pre-pump it would often take days to
get decent levels again.  After reactions, I would soon be
into the 300 range, with difficulties in getting back down
again.  I, and my doctors, have come to the conclusion
that A1c's are not averages of the tests, but are a
reflection of how long bg's were high.

Coincidentally, my A1c's have also dropped, dramatically,
from pre-pump
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
Diagnosed 10/66, Disetronic 7/93
What was once thought can never be unthought.
 - Friedrich Durrenmatt

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