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Re: [IP] Kaiser Permanente

Sandi Pope <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Has anyone had any dealings with Kaiser for pump and
> supply coverage?  I know it depends on what kind of
> plan you have with Kaiser but wondered what the
> general opinion is of this company as it relates to
> purchasing pumps and monthly supplies.

My coverage is with Kaiser.  It isn't the plan so much as most plans will cover durable medical equipment with typically a 20% co-pay.  Kaiser's policy is essentially the same as the new HCFA/Medicare policy which goes into effect tomorrow, April 1, 2000 -- they will supply a pump for type 1 diabetics when ordered by the endocrinologist.  The plan difference may be in the amount the patient will have to pay (percent co-pay) for infusion sets and other supplies.

This new policy went into effect recently, shortly after HCFA announced the new Medicare policy.  Before that, one had to be a brittle type 1 for Kaiser to allow a pump.

As of three hours ago, I became Kaiser Permanente Georgia patient #1 for using MiniMed's continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS).  I'll wear the monitor over the weekend until a little after noon on Monday.  Because I'm being used to show the Kaiser staff how it's used, it's being done by the MiniMed experts in Atlanta.

Jim Handsfield
mailto:email @ redacted

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