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[IP] Quitting

Wendy wrote:
>  I have set next Tuesday, my 33rd  birthday as my quitting 'date'. 

YAY!!!  I can not think of a better present to yourself.  I bet you are even 
smoking less now in anticipation of that day...you have set a goal...just 
remember not to be too hard and mean to yourself.  Try to be forgiving of 
yourself on this endeavor as you have to be with pumping.  Remember, one 
cigarette will NOT mean you are doomed to smoke forever.  I think it would be 
better to go ahead and smoke one when you think you are at wits end, and then 
forgive yoruself, and get back on the wagon, then deny yourself so much until 
you give up and throw in the towel and smoke a whole carton!!!  I would 
assume it is like being a diabetic or sticking to a diet...the world is not 
gonna stop and rotate the other way if you eat oreo ice cream for breakfast 
one day...you will just get back on the oatmeal wagon tomorrow...and go on, 
and be successful.  it is all in your attitude!!

>  Sara you have a way with words, keep it up.

Thank you....and as long as this here is 'merica and I have the freedom to 
express mah self, I will (much to the agony I am sure of some the purists out 


Sara in I'll be Kirky, (you be Spocky), New Mexico
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