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[IP] hyper thyroid

Linda wrote:
>  My 27-yr-old daughter called this evening to report that her 
> doctor has found she has an overactive thyroid 

I also had over active thyroid, also known as Grave's Disease.  The most 
famous person with this was Barbara Bush.  Some of the symptoms are very 
similar to hypo thyroid...but they are definitely different.  Graves also can 
make your eyes bug out a little and your heart pounds really fast...You 
always feel like you have a thumper machine going (if you watched the movie 
DUNE).  Baasically, your body is in hyper drive and your metabolism is going 
a mile a minute which is why you tend to lose weight, and this can all be 
dangerous for a variety of reasons...and hard on the heart.

In my case, they thought i had hypo at first, since I had developed a goiter, 
and my mom and sister had it, but after a month on synthroid, they realized 
they were wrong (duh...didn't they have thyroid panel blood tests in 1981???) 

ANYWAY, it is very treatable.  I took a medicine called propathyrouricil for 
about a year.  I was told that if the drug did not work, alternate treatments 
were removial of the thyroid and radio active iodine...at which point I would 
take synthroid for the rest of my life. Thankfully it went into remission on 
its own, and has never come back.

I was diagnosed at age 17, when I was probably in some of the worst diabetic 
control of my life.  I had always been an A student, despite the affects and 
effects of out of control diabetes...but when i got Graves Disease, i was 
told by the docs at the barbara davis diabetes center that I was very likely 
to drop out or fail in school due to the "ravages of this disease," that I 
was going to be very prone to infection,  would lose weight (though this 
seemed like a bonus to me)...They told me I should not be allowed to spend my 
summer after graduation in Europe as I could get very sick.  

My mom walked out of there, right behind me...

we found other, better, smarter, more in tune with reality doctors who said 
that yes all that was "possible" if the graves was left untreated, but that 
there was no reason not to think that I would succeed in college and that I 
could go to europe and we would start treatment in the fall...

I went to Europe...started the drug, AND college in the fall.  I got my first 
ever C my senior year in high school and I wonder now if that was more 
related to being TOLD I WOULD fail or if the disease really did have the 
affect of making it difficult to concentrate.  Believe it or not...it was a 
writing course....

So Linda, make sure they are doing a thyroid panel on your daughter...don't 
just base it on the fact that endocrine problems run in your family.  I am 
fairly sure that Grave's is as directly linked to diabetes as hypo, but maybe 
not...it all comes from the same gland, so who knows.

It is treatable...so don't worry!

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