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[IP] High BGs/Low A1c >

Holly wrote:
>  Summer ... has gone from 7.6 to 6.4...despite daily 300s (+) 
> she improved.  Doctor explained that we are aggressive about 
> testing and correcting, which makes all the difference.  

exactly!  A blood sugar of 300 (+) will NOT have an overall effect on you, or 
your A!C, UNLESS it is a SUSTAINED thing...so you spike up to 300 post 
prandial a few times due to indulging in forbidden pleasures - you WILL test 
in 2-3 hours, and IF you are high, you WILL take a correction.  High blood 
sugars become a problem and result in complications when the blood sugar 
level remains high for periods of time.  WHICH is why the most important 
basal to work out is the night time/early moring one where you are less 
likely to be testing as often as you might during waking hours.

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