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Re: [IP] Pump and Miraluma Breast Imaging

Renee wrote
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] Pump and Miraluma Breast Imaging
> Denise:
>     You've raised LOTS of causes for concern. My advice would me to
> this THOROUGHLY- call the pump company & ask to speak to a technical
> not a service rep/ call your eye doctor/ call your gyn whom I assume
> the test/ call your endo....
>    and lastly, I'd definitely suggest writing to the hospital
> about how your hypoglycemia was NOT handled by the rad. onc.! That story
> deplorable & raises my hackles even higher than they already were by
> about other IP-ers getting their Vasotec scripts changed by insurers!!!
> GRRRRR.....
> Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump-mom)

and Ginny wrote:

> Will you please shared with the list what you find out so others may know
> about these issues also? I never would have thought about the eye
> I would like to know that answer because my mom is going through that now
> and she has other testing done.
> And also for my own life too.
> I hope all your tests turn out normal for you.
> Ginny
> email @ redacted

Thanks, Renee and Ginny

I appreciate your grrrrrs more than you can imagine!  I applaud all those
who fight for their diabetic kids' welfare because it helps raise awareness
in the medical profession that inhumane behavior will not be tolerated.  It
gives me the courage to fight for myself when the need arises as it does in
my present situation.

I will be seeing my breast surgeon on Monday and hear what he has to say.
By the way I was referred to him a few years ago because I had a milky
discharge in one breast which turned out to be caused by a small
prolactinoma - a benign pituitary tumor which eventually showed up on an
MRI.  (I took off the pump for that test!)  I mention this here because a
milky discharge can also occur with certain drugs such as Reglan and
Domperidone which are used for gastroparesis.  My endo had given me the go
ahead to try Domperidone, but when I reminded him of the prolactinoma we
decided I shouldn't try it since it might make the tumor grow. Otherwise it
is of no concern.

All this to say I don't have breast cancer as far as I know.  The density of
the breast tissue caused by my 45 years of diabetes makes it much harder to
visualize small tumors and that's the point of regular mammograms, isn't it?

Anyways, the Miraluma breast imaging might be helpful, but I still have to
check with my eye doctor first.  I will let you know what he says after I
speak to him next week.  I also called Minimed and they are to call me back
after they speak to their engineers to see if the pump can be worn while the
test is done.  I hate disconnecting the pump because I go into ketosis very
quickly and it's all beginning to sound too complicated....

The radiologist who performed the mammogram and sonogram and ignored my hypo
OWNS the facility I go to.  So who is there to complain too?  Changing
facility is a better idea.  :-)  I have already checked out another facility
that  does the test should I decide to go ahead with it.

I will keep you posted
Denise Guerin
Type 1 45 years

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