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Re: [IP] Ignorance of Type 2 attn Charisma

And I'll chime in with a hearty AMEN to Natalie's comments. I'm a Type II who ended up in intensive care for a week with DKA -- BS was "only" 305 -- but I was within hours of the end.

I had been feeling very tired and weak, but still able to function. I lost 50 pounds in less than 2 months. I was delighted since I needed and wanted to lose weight -- talk about denial!! Everyone was telling me how terrible I looked, but all I could see was that delightful number on the scales.

The day before I ended up in the hospital we bought a Suburban. I was still joking that it was just buyers remorse that was bothering me as they threw me on a gurney and whisked me to ICU.

It scared my husband something fierce; kids too. I didn't have a clue about what was happening other than the terrible Kussmahl breathing that was irritating the daylights out of me. To this day, Richard keeps very close track of what I'm doing. The first few lows I had after going on insulin bothered him a lot since there was a lot of similarity of symptoms -- at least for me. And when we visit the boys, they're also very observant. I'm really working at educating all of them.

Type II is sneaky and we're frequently written off as not having it too bad, especially when we're taking oral agents. But it can kill you just as surely as Type I.

Bottom line for me has been that going on insulin and then on the pump has made a world of difference. A1c has gone from 12+ to 6.5 -- back then I didn't know or much care what that number/test was or meant 

Shame on my doc for not making things a little clearer. And shame on me for not doing my homework.


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