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[IP] IDEA 2000

As many of you know, I have only been pumping for year, but I believe
wholeheartedly that it is God's greatest gift to a diabetic athlete.  I
am also a strong believer of "Diabetics can do ANYTHING - it just might
take a little more work.  (See my page on diabetic parenting at

How many times have you heard "You can't..." or "diabetics can't...,"
from a doctor or friend,  in regards to exercise?  It is exactly this
attitude from the medical community that prompted me to become involved
with an organization call IDEA2000 (http://www.idea2000.org).

IDEA 2000 (International Diabetic Expedition to Aconcagua) is a group of
diabetic athletes from around the globe who are planning an expedition
to the tallest peak in the Western Hemisphere, Cerro Aconcagua (22,834
feet, 6959 meters) in Argentina.  The goal of the expedition is to raise
public awareness of new medical treatments for diabetes and to raise
funds to help Latin American diabetics in need. Our expedition,
beginning in late December 2000, will also provide a unique opportunity
for research on the effects of high altitude on diabetes.

95% of funds raised will be distributed to our international non-profit
partners who include Insulin for Life, the Declaration of the Americas
on Diabetes, the International Diabetes Federation - South and Central
American Region and our diabetes and altitude research partner - IEMM of
Barcelona, Catalunya-Spain. Our overall project goal is to raise $2.1
million by November 2001.   

Please check out our web site and if you feel prompted to make a
donation, let me know OFFLIST at email @ redacted  I am also open to
fundraising ideas that I could do in my community ;)  We are a tax
deductable non-profit organization.  Two of our list members are members
of this wonderful organization (Jeremy Ackerman and myself).

For more information, or to make a donation, please contact me at
email @ redacted and check out our web site.  Donations of >= $100
will receive an IDEA2000 prayer flag.  

Thanks for listening,
Susan Fisher
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