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[IP] Ignorance of Type 2 attn Charisma

I'm sending this message to the list, because although most pumpers are
Type 1's, many of them have friends and family members with Type 2, or
at risk of Type 2, and it's important for all of us to know about it,
and hopefully, to help them get the treatment they need!

email @ redacted wrote:

> That is actuallyy about where I am .  Thirst, a trilllion potty runs a day,
> and blurry vision decreasing since December.  BUT my bg have been lowest 60
> highest 145 (fasting) and the A1C came back at 5.3   sigh.  I HATE it when
> things are missed because doc's tests can't fit into a neat category, but
> the A1C does seem rather conclusive.  Even if it IS a bunch of highs and
> lows averaging out.


An A1c is NOT, repeat NOT diagnostic of Type 2 diabetes, and a reading
of 5.3 does NOT rule out Type 2 diabetes.

First of all, have your doctor order labs -- two fastings above 126 (on
different days) is  DIAGNOSTIC of Type 2, regardless of whether your BGs
are lower than that at other times. If that's inconclusive, have a
glucose tolerance test done. It can confirm or deny the diagnosis pretty

It may well be that if you are in the early stages, you can control your
BGs with diet and exercise; some docs look at a diet-controlled person
and tell them they're cured, or never were diabetic in the first place,
but that's a fallacy.

The issue is that you don't want to delay diagnosis and treatment (if
you in fact do have Type 2) until complications have already set in.
This happens to an APPALLING number of Type 2's. The onset is so
gradual, and the numbers so undramatic that the docs just ignore them
until it's too late. 

A Type 2 won't show the high numbers that Type 1's show routinely,
unless they're already in crisis -- if you see a Type 2 with numbers in
the 300's, they're WILDLY out of control. That's because Type 2's do
have pancreatic function, and their bodies CAN help with the numbers.

Just remember that those BGs over 200, even though they're not dramatic
like the 500's that a Type 1 might get, are still causing damage, and
they're still abnormal. 

I don't mean to be an alarmist, but I also hate seeing Type 2's brushed
off, just because they're not acutely ill when they should be diagnosed.
I've seen too many disabled Type 2's to take it as casually as most of
the medical professions seems to do!

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