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Re: [IP] insurance vs. pump stuff again

Thanks to Jeff and Carol for the info on pump supplies.  I had been
following the mailing list, but the info on Liberator Medical Supply hadn't
clicked, I guess until you get farther along in the process some things go
over your head.  Its good to know that the cost of supplies probably won't
be an issue.

And thanks for the info on Tufts Jeff, but although I work in MA and have
MA insurance, I live in NH and Tufts pulled out of there so there aren't
many dr's who accept Tufts of MA.  And my current plan is a traditional
insurance plan (indemnity) and I LOVE the option to pick any doctor out of
a hat and make an appointment, without needing to go through a referral

I talked with Animas today and they are starting to generate all the
letters for the doctor and myself to sign.  I've also talked with the pump
trainer (who just got trained on Animas yesterday!) and am going to get
those appointments set up soon.  I want to be ready to go on June 1st!


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