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RE: [IP] Rotating fingers

At 07:54 AM 3/31/00 Bethany T. Benton wrote:
 >I pick a finger for a day.  I start at the pinky on my right hand and move
 >to my left.  I test between 5-10 times daily.  (Been having some problems
 >with BGs)  But as I decrease the number of tests, I find this still works

That's exactly what I do... a finger a day, until they are all used up... 
then start all over again. That way it's 10 days between pokes for any 
given finger. I've never had a problem with sore fingers... but then, maybe 
I'm just lucky.

I also find it's helpful to use a finger poker that has adjustable 
settings, so that you can use the depth that bothers you the least, but 
still gets the job done. I also use the thinnest lancets that I can find.


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