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Re: [IP] Chocolate!!!!

At 06:48 AM 3/31/00 Anika Schon wrote:
 >Sam! Sam! Sam!
 >   Only later did I see your note about your love of chocolate. You don't
 >have to deny yourself! You could drizzle Hershey's syrup over your ice cream
 >(as I do often). There is no fat in chocolate syrup. Remember the
 >commercials with the skinny brown cows? OK, don't believe the commercials.
 >Check the label. ZERO FAT!

OK... maybe I wuz wrong! <rare, but it does happen> :-)

Maybe I was thinking more about the chocolate candy that really is loaded 
with fat. I'm just so used to the really good stuff being bad for you that 
I don't always check as carefully as I should. Thanks for the tip.


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