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RE: [IP] sex question--could be offensive

email @ redacted wrote:

> Have you thought about trying the Tender/Sils?  I use those, & when you
> disconnect you are only left with a small disc similar to a penny laying
> flat against your skin...we never have any problems with these.  (Now the
> pump, beeping on the dresser, is another matter - my husband occasionally
> says "Your little complaining friend seems to feel leftout over there."
> :)  )

So why suspend the pump?  :-)  When I disconnect from the pump for various
activities (including, heck actually ESPECIALLY sex) I don't suspend the
pump.  Unless you have a phenomenally high basal rate, very little insulin
is wasted (in my case, 0.5 units/hour) and the beeping drives me nuts.


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