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Re: [IP] insurance vs. pump stuff again

<<<<I haven't talked to the insurance company yet, the doctor said to let the
pump rep do the initial work.  I assume that's for just the pump, not the
supplies, but I'll get that moving along first before dealing with the
supplies question.  If they say DME, is this worth arguing over? >>>>

Jackie...I am becoming a bit repetitive here....but I am attaching an EMail 
that was triggered by one of the members here contacting this company for 
me. I was struggling with the same questions and more. THESE people have 
the answers and will work out the very best "deal" for you on whatever 
equipment and supplies you might need. I can't chortle happily enough about 
them! They just called me and told me that with my 80% coverage, I am 
getting my MiniMed FREE through them!! Please consider calling them just 
for the info they have available........Carole Eve
    They wrote:
****I am a patient care specialist at Liberator Medical Supply and we 
specialize in diabetes and insulin pump supplies. We can also help you with 
your insurance. We would love to help you, so please feel free to give
me a call 1(800)754-5919 ext 404 or e-mail me. we look forward to helping you.
Corinne Anderson ***


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