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[IP] Second Time was better than the First!!!!

I have been listening to everyone talk how much they like the Silhouette.  I
really was surprised considering the first time I put it in I thought I
would die.  I am the type of person that when the Doctor told me I was a
Diabetic the first words out of my mouth were, "hey great now I can take a
shot every Day" My mother broke into tears at that point.

Back to the point of this message:

This morning I was to change my sight and I thought I would try another
Silhouette, I still was not sure, I had both the Soft-set and the Silhouette
on the table.  I did put in the Silhouette and it went in real nice.  I did
put it in through an IV3000.

Don't anyone laugh,  When I took the tube off of the Silhouette needle I
could not remember doing this the first time.  All I remember was that I put
it in real slow the first time and it was agony, the set worked fine as far
as pumping insulin was concerned.  Today I went slow through the IV3000 and
then jabbed it in quick.  I could convince my self that this will be very
easy with practice.  I have one more that I will try and then I will use up
my Soft-Sets if it goes in like the second one.

Thanks for everyone's help.  That is what is so helpful with this list, a
post is aimed at one person but helps many others.

Tom Carlson, 33 years, pumping 3 months, inserted 2 Silhouettes

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