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[IP] Light ice cream

   You probably have met these brands already but just in case permit me to
mention that I regularly snarf Edy's. And I have discovered the Edy's
No-Sugar-Added Butter Pecan is about as good as it gets. Even my husband
loves the stuff. Standard serving of this (1/2 cup) has 5 g. fat and 12 g
carb. (I always eat multiples of the standard serving).
   By comparison Edy's Grand butter pecan has 10 g fat and 16 g carb and
although I couldn't find it in butter pecan flavor, the Edy's Grand Light
tends to be 4 g fat and 15 g carb and the Edy's fat free was o g fat and 20
g carb (with an unforgivable decline in taste).
   The only other Edy's ice cream that is lower in the bad stuff yet tastes
amazingly good is the Edy's No Sugar Added Strawberry. I couldn't get the
label information on line, but if I remember correctly it too is 5 g fat and
11 g of carb.
    Send me stuff about your favorite low-carb, low fat flavors and brands.
I'd love to meet new ones.

NOTE: to those who were talking about eating ice cream to get yourselves or
a loved one through the night, I'm not recommending this option to you
because obviously, losing the fat means losing the sustained release of the
glucose through the night.


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