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Re: [IP] RE: re-using stuff

Bonnie wrote:

>>Because when insurance companies have to pay a lot, WE end up paying  more
for insurance.   If we can keep some of the cost of insurance down, it will
help overall keep rates down.   WE, the insured, have a certain
responsibility in this insurance deal, like using generics when you can,
and not asking for the doctor to give us a prescription needlessly, etc. <<

While I don't wish to make anyone angry, I for one, don't think that
sticking myself a gazillion times with the same lancet is gonna cut my
insurance premiums very much.  Some high costs were propogated by the
insurance companies themselves.  Prior to my new policy, I bought lancets
and test strips on an "as needed basis".  I bought 100 test strips and when
I got halfway through the last 50, then I bought another 100.  Now the
insurance company makes me get a prescription and letter of medical
necessity from my doctor for a set number of strips per month.  Now, as we
all know, this diabetes treatment thing is not an exact science.  We all
have good days when everything goes fine and maybe we don't need to test
quite so frequently, and we have bad days when we're testing like crazy
trying to get some control back into our blood sugars.  So, in order to
ensure that I get enough strips for the month, I must estimate what I need.
Ok, so I estimate a little high to make sure I have enough for possible bad
days (which not being a fortune teller, I don't know when or if are going to
happen).  So, I sometimes end up with more strips than I needed at the end
of the month.  After a few months, I end up with a bit more than I actually
needed.  Now, before the insurance company's new rules, I just continued
using what I had and didn't buy more until I needed them.  But my insurance
company in all it's wisdom, makes me get more strips before I need them due
to the set allotment every month.  Well, since the insurance company thinks
I'm not smart enough to know how much I need at any given time, and they
think they're so much smarter than me, I sometimes end up with excess, which
adds to the cost of my treatment.  The old way, I ONLY GOT EXACTLY WHAT I
NEEDED, NO EXCESS.  So, who's causing insurance costs to rise?  Not me using
lancets only once.

(Sorry, insurance companies are just not on my favorites list now with all
their people running things who just don't have a clue.)


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