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Re: [IP] Pump and Miraluma Breast Imaging

    You've raised LOTS of causes for concern. My advice would me to research 
this THOROUGHLY- call the pump company & ask to speak to a technical advisor, 
not a service rep/ call your eye doctor/ call your gyn whom I assume ordered 
the test/ call your endo....
   and lastly, I'd definitely suggest writing to the hospital administrator 
about how your hypoglycemia was NOT handled by the rad. onc.! That story is 
deplorable & raises my hackles even higher than they already were by reading 
about other IP-ers getting their Vasotec scripts changed by insurers!!! 
   a fellow breast cancer survivor posted a message at the AOL board about 
her rad onc & how she had HAD IT & royally chewed him out in spades!  A few 
days later she received FLOWERS from this same doctor. Do yourself a favor, 
and also any other diabetics who may cross his path in the future by NOT 
allowing such dismissive behavior to go unchecked!!!

Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump-mom)
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