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[IP] Pump and Miraluma Breast Imaging

Yesterday I had my usual mammogram and sonogram and was advised to follow
through with Miraluma Breast imaging because of the density of my breast
tissue.  (Another diabetes related factor)  I have a few concerns.

First the radiologist  totally ignored the fact that I told her I had to
treat a hypo (my bg was 51) before proceeding with the sonogram and I
sweated through the darn test while swallowing glucose tabs-  so I may
choose to go elsewhere if I decide on having the Miraluma imaging done. I
don't expect radiologists to behave like their own machines!

Second, do I need to remove the pump for the 45-60 minutes the test will

Third,  because the test involves facing down for the whole period of time,
won't this increase pressure hence the bleeding in the eye I still have
bleeds in from the retinopathy?  I will call my eye doctor of course, but if
anyone has first hand experience with this form of breast imaging I would
love to hear from you.

Denise Guerin
Type 1 45 years

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