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[IP] Purple colored Accuchek

Ginny wrote
From: Ginny Kloth <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Accuracy of DEX

A while back Accu-check made a few purple colored ones..and that is what I
have been trying to find. Something I could see easier.
Are yours purple?
My color vision abilities are going away and I have problems finding things
so that is why I am trying to find one of these.
You would laugh at the things I have had to make colorful but actually it
is very very frustrating for me.

The new Accuchek Advantage is now blue and beige and I find it much easier
to find in my dark pocket book .  Also it uses 2 AAA alkaline batteries
instead of the hard to find 3V round ones the old Accuchek Advantage used.
You can  use the Comfort curve strips which makes blood application easier
since it sucks it up from the side.  I got a new Advantage free from the
manufacturer when my old Advantage gave me error messages.

What other color problems are you having?  My husband is a graphic artist
and makes me labels for everything I need using soft yellow background and
black lettering.  I choose the size font I see best as well as the spacing
of the letters. (Centered is best for me because the laser destroyed much of
my peripheral vision)

When I first got my pump, I couldn't read the Alarm Card which came with the
manual because it was printed in red.  We redid it in black and white and it
saved me lots of frustration.

Another tip is to paste dots on everything you need to see quickly.  They
come in all colors. I see blue ones well.   I stick them on my computer,
light switches, etc.   Contrast is the important thing.

 I share your frustration at having to make everything colorful yet it can
be fun too.  I'm having my apartrment repainted next week and have selected
contrasting schemes which will take into consideration all my visual
problems including depth perception. (The back shelves get painted bright
yellow so I get to see where they end.)

If there are other pumpers who would like to share how they manage with
diminished vision, I would love to hear from them. Like how do you see those
bubbles in the tubing?  Grrrrr  I want colored tubing!

Denise Guerin
Type 1
45 years

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