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Re: [IP] sex question--could be offensive

>Whenever my boyfriend and I have sex the quick release part of my site rubs
>against him and he says it hurts.  I'm not sure what I can do
>differently...anyone have any suggestions?  I almost always put sites in my
>lower abdomen on either side


Have you thought about trying the Tender/Sils?  I use those, & when you
disconnect you are only left with a small disc similar to a penny laying
flat against your skin...we never have any problems with these.  (Now the
pump, beeping on the dresser, is another matter - my husband occasionally
says "Your little complaining friend seems to feel leftout over there."
:)  )

Another thought - could you coil the tubing to the QR & tape it down flat
very near the site, or even flat against you leading over to your side or
some direction that would be least likely to rub?  If you use sites that are
"side abdomen" & then tape it down toward the armpit, or across toward the
back, that might help.

Best of luck with it!

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