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Re: [IP] Re-using Lancets

I have been reusing lancets since the mid 70's when the only machine you 
could buy was an Ames Glucometer that was a wet wash system.  I now change 
the lancets every time I start a new bottle of 50 strips.  My new RN/CDE 
(been seeing her about 6 weeks) freaked out.  Said I should change the lancet 
each day.  Oh Well.  I find it a matter of time.  It is just easier to only 
change them occasionally.

As another idea about all of this, how do everybody out there handle rotating 
the sites of the finger poking.  Since I also get confused as to which finger 
to poke, about four years ago I started to use the fingers on one hand for a 
week, then use the other hand for a week.  The only times this has caused me 
a problem was the four times I have had surgery on my hands for both carpal 
tunnel and three trigger finger repairs.  I always had the surgery on one 
hand at a time and once, a carpal tunnel and a trigger finger repair were 
done at the same time, on the same hand.  I had a tough time squeezing the 
blood out of the poked finger of my GIMPED hand.

Carole H.
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