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[IP] Re: older type one dxed

Hi Charisma
      I guess that I had some symptoms before being dxed but never saw
them as being diabetic symptoms.  I had the unusual thirst where I went
from drinking one 64 ounce sweetened iced tea a day to three 64 ounce
iced teas a day.  Also ran to bathroom every 15 minutes.  Just though I
might be getting a cold at the time. Prior to this I blacked out once
and crashed the wifes who was previously fiance pickup truck into a
building.  Thank God we were ok.  Just blamed that on getting ready for
our wedding day which was in like two weeks.  We were really exhausted.
What got me to the emergency room finally was going blind in one day.
Went from everything fuzzy early to not seeing thirty feet away at lunch
to not seeing at all at five oclock.  Took three weeks for the vision to
clear.  To this day that always seems to be the first thing to be a
problem is my vision goes.  Not to much a problem since the pump though.
Hope this answered the question of how I found out.  I am definately not
the "typical" diabetic type one.  I am 6'3" tall and weigh a measly 160
pounds.  Yet I can eat like a horse.  Go figure.  Oh well thats enough
from me.

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