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Re: [IP] MM 508 Failed...need support

Stay calm, or you'll raise your blood sugars. Remember nothing is perfect. 
Just go with the follow. That's why Minimed tells us to have sygrine and 
insulin handy for this instance. I know it's hard, but hang in there, it's 
worth it in the end. Once your pumping again, you'll feel like a new person. 
It has changed my life forever. I never thought I could feel normal. Eat when 
I WANTED TOO, not when I have too. People are starting to like being around 
me, which this has not happened for 16 years. Trust me, you'll love your pump 
when it's working. Yes, it takes time to get adjusted to it. But think of the 
alternative, for me it was going blind at age 36 and in the IS field, not 
good at all. Now I feel in control of my life, my diease. I hope and pray for 
Remember this is not a perfect world, if it was we wouldn't have diabetes and 
be here supporting each other.
I've learned being on the pump to be more calm and roll with the punches. I 
feel better by doing this.

Christine P
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