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Re: [Re: [IP] Re-using Lancets]

"Sheilagh Salvati" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm surprised to hear that so many people are reusing lancets... even 
> without insurance insurance coverage they are not very expensive. It's the 
> cost of the test strips that you may need to re-mortgage your home to 
> afford!!

It's more a matter of convenience and not having so much "hazardous medical
waste" to dispose of. As a matter of fact my former endocrinologist (I moved
away from there) had copies of an article from the ADA Forecast magazine
hanging in all his exam rooms that said there is NO problem reusing lancets or
needles as long as it's only used on 1 person. There havn't been any
infections from this.
> I personally like knowing that anything that's putting a hole in my finger 
> is as sharp and sterile as it could possibly be.

It's your choice of course, but what's unsterile about a steel lancet that has
only touched skin on the same person when used before and the inside of the
sterile cover? 

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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