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Re: [[IP] MM 508 Failed...need support]

Phil Young <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Last night my 508 bit the dust.  I've only had it for a little over three
> weeks.  I have had to go back on injections every two hours until MM
> what is wrong with my pump.  It woke me up about 2:50am with a long, loud,
> continuous tone.  The time still showed on the screen, but I couldn't get
> to respond to the key pad.  I called MM and they had me remove the
> and wait until the display died.  When I put the batteries back in, it was
> totally dead.  Next, they told me to leave the batteries out for 8 hours to
> try and kill the backup system, which deletes all the memory.  This, in my
> opinion was a good first step,(I'm in electronics engineering, so I know
> these things work on the inside)but in my experience when a piece of
> electronic equipment has such a catastrophic failure, it's not going to
> again. 
> Has anyone had this trouble with MM pumps?  

Not exactly, but it does bring a problem I had come to mind. My first pump (a
506) pulled that kind of alarm once and came back on but needed to be
restarted a couple more times. After talking it over with MiniMed we found
that the battery holder was cracked on the inside end, and battery contact was
lost intermittently. They probably had you check this alreay, but at least the
solution was simple, they sent me a new battery holder.

I'm rather distressed, since I
> hadn't quite trusted the pump in the first place, I mean, three weeks means
> I'm still a baby in insulin pumping land.  My sugars haven't gone totally
> out of wack, but the stress is beginning to show when I test.  Maybe I'm
> blowing this out of proportion, but this has been a little traumatic for
> This is tough, three weeks out of the gate and a major problem. 

Are they FedExing you a replacement pump? This is the normal routine for
big problems.
Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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