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Re: [[IP] update on newbie--long]

email @ redacted wrote:

> #3--dose before he eats, even if you are not sure how much he is going to
> eat--the beauty of the pump, you can bolus again for more.  No mention of
> how I could "un-bolus" for less.

Follow up with a reduced temporary basal to correct it back to the total dose
it should have been for the time period. Probably have to try a few variations
to be sure to make it fit right. Should he reduce way down for 1/2 hour,
somewhat less for an hour or what?

> #7--"no, fat does NOT have that long a tail"(9pm-3am) so can't say that was
reason for high bg at 3 and 4 and 5 am.????  Id this one of those YMMV, cause
I had the impressin that whie fat affected everyone differently, it DID have a
rather long range of effect on CHO.  He made the comment that fat is only 10%.
 What do ya think he meant?

Only 10% of fat calories can be converted to glucose, but aren't necessarily
if unneeded by the body. It's a boost for when the glucose is lower.
Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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