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[IP] Which way does it go? Silhouette

Hi folks,

I saw a posting from somebody who was wondering which direction the
Silhouette should be inserted and I remembered asking the same question
a year ago.    Although the literature we received a year ago said
insert towards the center of the body, Erica's sils are inserted every
which way but straight up and down!  We insert them towards the belly
button, away from the belly button,towards the spine, away from the
spine, towards the butt crease and away from it.... pointing every
direction but North and South (although I am sure there are people who
do that too).  It doesn't seem to make any difference.  Sometimes when
we pinch up skin it naturally goes on an angle, especially on her back,
so they are often inserted at a diagonal there.  Her butt and belly are
usually horizontal, and we get lots of sites by switching directions
back and forth, then moving them up or down.

Like anything, this it what has worked for us, it is one of those YMMV
type of issues.

And Erica, for those who might be wondering....well she is doing just
fine!!  Came home today after a trip with her teacher to another school
to play basketball & whatever!  She and a few other students were being
awarded for good behaviour.  Came strutting through the door at 5pm, a
big striped popsicle in her mouth, half eaten, and a big smile on her
face.  Before I said anything, she said it was 14 grams of carbs (her
teacher always looks for treats with the carb count on them...for
Erica's sake) and she had bolused for it.  She also told me that there
were 64 more popsicles to come!!!!  What!?.....well, Mr MacDonald, the
teacher who is an absolute saint, told them that if anyone made the shot
from the 'whatever line' he would give them 64 popsicles.  I guess he
thought it was a totally unmakeable shot for 11yr olds.  WRONG :-).
Guess who did it!!  YEP...Erica!!  Well, of course he was kidding about
the 64 popsicles, but she won't soon let him forget and will tease him
What's that saying.....float like a butterfly and sting like a bee <g>
My God this child enjoys life......has so much fun......giggles &
mischief and a heart of gold.

Time to watch the Millionaire show!
g'nite everybody
Barb....mom to Erica, a Canadian butterfly :-)

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