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Re: [Re: [Re: [IP] trash generated by D+ site question]]

"Tom & Nancy Carlson" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Ted, I usually just let my pump run while in the shower so I do not use the
> rubber piece to cap the QR needle.  If I was going to leave it out for an
> extended period like go swimming I would cap it.  Two questions:
> Do you have to suspend the pump if you cap the QR needle?

I guess so. I haven't used a QR since just after they came out because I found
Pureline Comforts (aka Tenders or Silhouettes) at that point and

> Do you have to crimp the tubing if you suspend and disconnect the pump?

Shouldn't be any reason to. I tried doing that once, but couldn't see any
reason for it. Now I just park my pump with the connector aimed upward and
leave it run.
Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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