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[IP] MM 508 Failed...need support

Last night my 508 bit the dust.  I've only had it for a little over three
weeks.  I have had to go back on injections every two hours until MM decides
what is wrong with my pump.  It woke me up about 2:50am with a long, loud,
continuous tone.  The time still showed on the screen, but I couldn't get it
to respond to the key pad.  I called MM and they had me remove the batteries
and wait until the display died.  When I put the batteries back in, it was
totally dead.  Next, they told me to leave the batteries out for 8 hours to
try and kill the backup system, which deletes all the memory.  This, in my
opinion was a good first step,(I'm in electronics engineering, so I know how
these things work on the inside)but in my experience when a piece of
electronic equipment has such a catastrophic failure, it's not going to work

Has anyone had this trouble with MM pumps?  I'm rather distressed, since I
hadn't quite trusted the pump in the first place, I mean, three weeks means
I'm still a baby in insulin pumping land.  My sugars haven't gone totally
out of wack, but the stress is beginning to show when I test.  Maybe I'm
blowing this out of proportion, but this has been a little traumatic for me.
This is tough, three weeks out of the gate and a major problem. 

Anyone have advice, or anything that might ease my mind a little?  I could
sure use some support. 


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