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Re: [IP] update on newbie--long

In a message dated 3/30/00 12:04:54 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Put in a tender.  ...  Some trouble figuring out how to tag it down without

covering up the quick disconnect thingy.>>

I insert a sil through tape (I use Tegaderm HP, also have used IV3000).  This 
seems to keep it from wiggling around so much, which was causing me 

<<#7--"no, fat does NOT have that long a tail"(9pm-3am) so can't say that was 
reason for high bg at 3 and 4 and 5 am.????  Id this one of those YMMV, cause 
I had the impressin that whie fat affected everyone differently, it DID have 
a rather long range of effect on CHO.  He made the comment that fat is only 
10%.  What do ya think he meant?>>

The Dr. probably meant that only 10% of the fat will have an effect on 
glucose -- which most people don't bother to count.  I think most people also 
find fat with carb will decrease the speed at which carb is absorbed.  
Another effect for some people is a decrease in insulin sensitivity that 
seems to be caused by the fat itself being metabolized, and for me that seems 
to occur about 9-12 hours later or sometimes longer (but I have 

<<I hate it when I get called on the carpet.  Chalk it up to learning, and 
some was stupidity/lack of sleep.  So I can live with it.  But ONLY if I have 
 a perfect report to give tonight >>

It is a real shame that doctors can't learn to communicate in non-blaming 
styles - I think a good part of my neurotic behaviors stems from doctors 
blaming me for things I didn't have a clue how to control in my childhood.  
One of the really good things about the pump is that success with it can make 
you feel so good (or see your child functioning so well) that you get true 
positive reinforcement, a much more effective motivator for learning and 

Linda Z 
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