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[IP] RE: re-using stuff

From: "RoseLea" <email @ redacted>
Subject: : Re: [IP] Reusing Lancets
While I've wondered about this practice as well, and I have re-used lancets
in a pinch, I wonder why anyone with insurance would even want to? <snip

Because when insurance companies have to pay a lot, WE end up paying  more 
for insurance.   If we can keep some of the cost of insurance down, it will 
help overall keep rates down.   WE, the insured, have a certain 
responsibility in this insurance deal, like using generics when you can, 
and not asking for the doctor to give us a prescription needlessly, etc. 
  Nothing is free, Insurance costs going up mean our rates going up, and 
this makes it harder for some folks to get and keep insurance.  Not 
everyone gets insurance free.....I pay a percentage of my salary for it, 
and I don't have a presecription drug card, so I reuse lancets at least a 
couple of months, or until it hurts, or Sam reminds us to change our 
lancets, like our smoke alarm batteries.  I reuse anything I can, as often 
as I can, as long as it has no harmful effects on me and my diabetes. 
  This helps keep my own costs down and insurance costs down.
Bonnie Richardson

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