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Re: [IP] "Gastro"...what is it?

Carole Eve,

I have gatroperesis ( sorry I never can remember how to spell it 
).  Anyway, basically what it is, is nerve damage in the stomach which 
causes slow emptying.  Some of the symptoms are nausea, constipation, 
vomiting, diareha, and can cause havoc on blood sugars.  It can come and go 
and it can also get really bad.  I currently use propulsid ( which they're 
taking off the market, arg ) on a need be basis.  I am not real good at 
describing this stuff on a medical level, but if you have any more 
questions, feel free to email me privately.


>Hi...First let me thank the person that gave my EMail to a rep from 
>Liberator Medical Supply...they are in the business of making things 
>HAPPEN!!! Their intent is to get me a pump and an CPAP machine at the very 
>lowest price possible by doing all the negotiating, paperwork and doctor 
>locating for me.....what a relief!!

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