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[IP] update on newbie--long

This is for newbies coming down the pike.  First order of business:
Update on my nudist and how he is and is not wearing the pump:


OK, moving along. Personally, I am still all for:
1-duct tape
2-staple gun
3-small outpatient surgery to implant velcro
But short of those, he is using the necklace pouch the last hour and seem
happy with it.
for now
this second
good sigh, but still a sigh

Second order of business:
How to keep the site in:


And this would day two.  He had the SoftSet QR in .  Hated it.  Took it out.
Put in a tender.  Not so bad, but he rolled over in his sleep and half
pulled the tape off. IT is still in him and bg show still working BUT it was
flapping like a hinge.  Some trouble figuring out how to tag it down without
covering up the quick disconnect thingy.  Really was hoping to not have to
be an engineer to use tape, but  I am learning VERY quickly.

Third Order of business:
Doctor called for levels at 10pm
I had fallen asleep at my desk waiting for him to call.  So I did not have
up to date bg.  And I had made 156 mistakes which I promptly heard about
"you shouldn't have"  "you overcorrected..."""you waited too long" " you
acted too early"   And then he said I was doing just fine.  And I was, but I
sure had wanted to be perfect.  But I learned a BUNCH of new stuff.
#1--it should only take 15 grams to bring him up 100 points.  Next time he
is flopping on the floor I will have to remind him of that.  No, Paddy,
according to my notes, you are fine.

#2--only drop one unit for bolusing for food when he is under 80, not 4 out
of 8 (worked with NPH, barely)

#3--dose before he eats, even if you are not sure how much he is going to
eat--the beauty of the pump, you can bolus again for more.  No mention of
how I could "un-bolus" for less.

#4--Increasing the basal 1/10  every hour for 6 hours does NOT make the
total go from 14 to 20, but from 14 to 14.6   (my math teacher is rolling
over in her grave at this one!)

#5--although he said 150 was perfectly acceptable, his little form said to
add another .5 unit for being there.  But I did not read his little form
cause he SAID.....oops!

#6--even though he said Paddy's diet was fine, and my notes and estimations
were too, he wanted to why I estimated and "flew by the seat of my pants" at
the resteraunt where we went to celebrate the pump.  He wanted to know why I
had not taken a bg first.   Because we had only just left the office, where
he had been 336 and bolused to correct it and I THOUGHT H took two hours to
work so the bg would have been of no real

#7--"no, fat does NOT have that long a tail"(9pm-3am) so can't say that was reason for high bg at 3 and 4 and 5 am.????  Id this one of those YMMV, cause I had the impressin that whie fat affected everyone differently, it DID have a rather long range of effect on CHO.  He made the comment that fat is only 10%.  What do ya think he meant?

I hate it when I get called on the carpet.  Chalk it up to learning, and some was stupidity/lack of sleep.  So I can live with it.  But ONLY if I have  a perfect report to give tonight 


Charisma zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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