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Re: [IP] Reusing Lancets

Allison, this a purely a personal thing, but one thing you never have to
worry about is getting any infection from a recycled lancet.  After
millions of sticks with old lancets there's never been  problems reported
here.  The only reason to change is that you think it might be getting
dull, and thus cause more pain to your child.   With us adults, we
sometimes can tell, but with a 2 yo, you will have to guess.  But from my
experience, I don't think anyone would notice any difference till at least
a dozen sticks or maybe even 2 dozen.    Give it a try.  Save money, save
plastic, less sharps medical waste, and much more convenient when

<Subject: [IP] Reusing Lancets
<Is this a common practice? I can't imagine resing a lancet on my 2-year-old!

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