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Re: [IP] "Gastro"...NOW I know!!

> >>>Or possibly gastroparesis. Of which a few of our list members have
>extensive experience (listening, Fran??)
>       Well, I found out about the Gastroparesis...here we go again...why 
> didn't my bunches of doctors check for this??? I was DXed with a major 
> GERD problem at Loma Linda Hospital in Calif in 1984 (pre DB Dx). I have 
> had such severe neuropathy PAIN that I was put into an experimental 
> program...then it was recommended that I go on a morphine pump.....NOT!! 
> My nerves stopped telling my thigh muscles how to work when I tried to 
> get up from a chair....every symptom would suggest that the incorrect 
> nerve messages might extend to my digestive muscles. When are the doctors 
> going to learn the associative disorders that DB causes?
  But I am a happy camper since finding Liberator Medical Supply....they 
are helping me get the mess, insurance coverages and doctors needed sorted 
out!  Carole Eve

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