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Re: [IP] Accuracy of DEX

email @ redacted wrote:
> I had had a terrible problem with the accuracy of the Glucometer DEX, and the
> use of disks. I had many results that were different fron doctors report.I
> finally switched to Glucometer Elite XL and have not had a problem. Have any
> of you had similiar problem./

Yup -- the Dex would give me WILDLY inaccurate readings and its results
weren't repeatable. It would be 50 or 60 points off from my Elite, which
tested VERY accurately with the lab, and it could read 50 or 60 points
differently when retested within seconds. That's way too much variation
to be able to use it for corrections. 

The company said it was the strips, and replaced them, but there was no
improvement. So the Dex went into the trash can.
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