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Re: [IP] update on ASAP HELP!!!

email @ redacted wrote:
>  Where I thgouth it wouldbe fun for him
> to toy with ways to wear it(mostly , thoguh, cause I had no CLUE how to do
> it) it was actually a huge pain.  Since summer is vcoming, he is going to
> have to make sure to cover up for the sun anyhow, so I'll just hope he is
> used to wearing itin his shirt by winter  LOL  (and YES, he SHOULD wear
> clothes in the winter, too, but in the house he LOVES to streak! )

Well, I was uncomfortable about where to put it in the beginning, too.
And I dragged it out of bed several times, and didn't know how to sleep
with it, and dropped it in the bathroom, and STILL do that occasionally.

I wonder if you could get a child-sized fanny pack -- he could wear it
in front or in back, depending on what he was doing, and maybe he'd wear
the pack EVEN when he is otherwise naked. (My son was a nudist, too, so
I know what you're talking about!)

At this point, I always wear it clipped to my pants on the right side,
because that's where it bothers me the least. I still notice it at
times, but only passingly. I hate wearing dresses, because it's harder
to find a place to put it. I discovered I really don't like it in my
bra, so I use a "leg thing", but I don't like it there, either. At least
Paddy won't have THAT problem!!

Anyhow, hang in there, OK??
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