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[IP] insurance

   After 6 months with mo insurance I thought our problems were solved when 
the kids got child health plus. I called the two companies that offered 
discounted insurance thru them. We picked Empire Blue Cross/ Blue Shield cuz 
they covered the pumping stuff and other equipment my 2 diabetics need. 
SURPRISE!!!!!!! After 2 months they have now decided they will not cover pump 
supplies cuz THEY don't think my kids should be pumping !! Since when is it 
the insurance companies choice??? I thought it was up to our endo and us!! 
They have also denied almost every prescription my kids have gotten. 
  Any ideas as to how to proceed? 
  When we ordered pump supplies they insisted that we order thru their choice 
of company . Now I'm getting billed and its $225 more than if I had just 
bought them thru Disetronic. GGRRR!!!!!!
Doreen-mom of 2 pumpers
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