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[IP] joining the pump club

Hello everyone!

I joined this mailing list a couple of weeks ago, and now have started the
journey towards getting a pump!  I saw a new endo yesterday, one who had
been recommend from several places, including the Dr. list here, and he
brought up the pump possibility even  before I could.  So, now I will
probably chime in with questions as I get ready and go through the
training/insurance process.  At least the Dr. said my insurance company is
good with pumps, so I am starting with my hopes up.  After discussing the
pros and cons of the different pumps, I am going to try the Animas one, I
just hope their schedule doesn't slip!

I must say what a difference a doctor makes.  I was only diagnosed just
under 7 months ago, right after labor day, and had been seeing the only
endo in the city near where I live.  Although he mentioned pumps from the
first time I saw him in the hospital, it was always in a negative light and
when I brought it up a couple months ago at a visit, he said he though it
was a good idea to be on injections for at least a year first.  I decided
my health was worth it, so I am making the trip to Joslin in Boston (1.5
hours away) and this new doctor is great.  He has even used the Animas Java
applet on their website, which is impressive since I don't think it has
been up there very long.  I will also be corresponding with him through
email as opposed to through a secretary at the old doctor's office, who
couldn't answer any questions, just relay instructions.

I am really looking forward to this.  I am 35 with 2 kids and a hectic and
very active lifestyle, and I think with the pump I'll be able to continue
the hiking, windsurfing, etc I had been involved in prior to diagnosis
without much change in my lifestyle.

I get the digest and I try to stay fairly up to date with it, but feel free
to copy me on any replies if you wish.

Back soon with more questions, probably

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