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[IP] ice cream, and goodies

In a message dated 03/29/2000 3:18:28 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< making a list to get ice cream >>
ice cream works really well for me for a "forbidden pleasure".  Other things 
like cake with icing, or doughnuts (higher fat) cause highs 6-8 hours later.  
The ice cream I just bolus for when eating and its gone 2 hrs later.  Maybe 
one of the easier treats for just starting out.

Also have good luck with M&Ms and Hershey chocolate bars.

Quite honestly, candy is really pretty easy to pump since its got the exact 
carb counts on it.  Sometimes when I'm trying to be really precise with a 
nighttime basal adjustment, I'd much rather eat a certain number of chocolate 
chips than try to guess how many carbs in an apple.

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