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[IP] ACE inhibitors

>  My endo wants
>  to start me on ACE inhibitors to slow, stop, or even reverse these "early
>  stages of renal disease." I'm quite concerned about the side effects of
>  this class of drugs. Does anyone have any info. or experiences they
> could share with me? >>

There are several varieties. I took Vasotec with no problem for several
years. My nephrologist changed me to Captopril and I got that *dry* cough.
Actually, it wasn't dry - I coughed so hard I brought up foam and gagged
(which is not good for a public speaker). I lost my appetite and could
tolerate only creamstyle corn and white bread with bacon sandwiches. I lost
7# in 10 days. I was miserable and looked bad. I am now on Cozaar, Cardura,
and Norvasc with no coughing. I do have kidney disease after 49 years of
IDDM. I have talked to at least 5 others who could not take Captopril
because of the hacking cough.
Jan (pumping 8/23/83)

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