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Re: [IP] "Gastro"...what is it?

I think you are thinking about gastroenteritis (that may be a weird
spelling - but that sounds right).  Hope that helps -
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From: Carole Eve <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2000 8:08 PM
Subject: [IP] "Gastro"...what is it?

> Hi...First let me thank the person that gave my EMail to a rep from
> Liberator Medical Supply...they are in the business of making things
> HAPPEN!!! Their intent is to get me a pump and an CPAP machine at the very
> lowest price possible by doing all the negotiating, paperwork and doctor
> locating for me.....what a relief!!
> While chatting with the rep and going on at a great rate about my
> and complications, the rep, a pumper, asked me if I had been tested for
> Gastro-something-or-other. I have tried to find a reference to it in my
> book...nothing. I have seen the word "Gastro" on the postings here. Can
> anyone give me the complete name , the test name and a description of what
> it is? As I go, I find that there are SO many possible answers for the
> strange things that plague me....that I haven't been "heard" by the
> (big news, huh?). I never put my severe sleep apnea together with my
> difficulties controlling my BGs until this group mentioned it.....I have
> felt so very alone, afraid and hopeless in the tremendous swings (almost
> convinced by the doctors that I was somehow at fault)....until the
> comraderie of this group. What can I say except thank you all.   Carole

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