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[IP] "Gastro"...what is it?

Hi...First let me thank the person that gave my EMail to a rep from 
Liberator Medical Supply...they are in the business of making things 
HAPPEN!!! Their intent is to get me a pump and an CPAP machine at the very 
lowest price possible by doing all the negotiating, paperwork and doctor 
locating for me.....what a relief!!
While chatting with the rep and going on at a great rate about my situation 
and complications, the rep, a pumper, asked me if I had been tested for 
Gastro-something-or-other. I have tried to find a reference to it in my ADA 
book...nothing. I have seen the word "Gastro" on the postings here. Can 
anyone give me the complete name , the test name and a description of what 
it is? As I go, I find that there are SO many possible answers for the 
strange things that plague me....that I haven't been "heard" by the doctors 
(big news, huh?). I never put my severe sleep apnea together with my 
difficulties controlling my BGs until this group mentioned it.....I have 
felt so very alone, afraid and hopeless in the tremendous swings (almost 
convinced by the doctors that I was somehow at fault)....until the 
comraderie of this group. What can I say except thank you all.   Carole Eve

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