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RE: [IP] how to dry out Disetronic pump?

>I can't think of any thing it could harm.  
>Maybe the MM pump is a different design completely and it might not be a
>good idea.

Ok Charisma I know you and Paddy have a D but since D users are unfamiliar
with MM I figured I would respond.

First, the MM is very similar to the D in that the cartridge can come out.
You disconnect from the infusion set, flip open the door, flip up the lock
and remove the cartridge.  Just like the D the pump never really knows it
doesn't have a cartridge.  When done cleaning the chamber you place the
cartridge back in, flip the lock back down, prime the pump until drop of
insulin appears at the end of the tubing and reconnect.  The prime is needed
to make sure the lock is realigned with the cartridge end and will deliver
.1u next delivery time.

Second, whatever your pump training was or wasn't before now shouldn't
matter.  However if you have a number for a CDE feel free to call it.  I
still have the beeper number of my CDE and she said to use it at all hours
if something came up I didn't know how to handle.  As good as this list is,
you need someone local who can respond right away, and possibly come help
you out.  Hopefully you have that support.  If not this list works pretty
well. :)  

Best of luck,
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