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Hi Charisma,

I remember those first few hours once we left the hospital with Erica
hooked up to the pump.  We were pretty confident in the hospital, but
when we were actually alone it was like the baby who didn't cry in the
maternity ward and then cried 10 hours a day once you got it home :)  We
were excited but scared, would everything go okay?

Prior to Erica's pumping I wore a Silhouette, and she saw my husband and
I put one in each other.  It was nothing, didn't feel it at all.  Now
Erica....that is another story.  For the loooongest time, she would
always say it felt funny, or she THOUGHT it hurt, or there MIGHT be
something wrong with it.  It was frustrating when she said she thought
it hurt because I would always wonder if I did it right, did I put it
too deep, were things going to go haywire.  Well, 9.99 times out of 10
it ended up being absolutely fine, and when her mind was taken off the
infusion set/pump and put on something else she would forget about it.
The morning after she started pumping she slept in to 10:30 or so, and
for breakfast....a bowlful of ice-cream with mashed up Oreo cookies in
it.  I almost cried as she inhaled it!  I felt it was important from the
very beginning for her to experience the positive sides of pumping.  For
a few days she was so aware of the pump itself, although once the
insertion trauma was over she could forget it was even in, that she
would make wide swings when going around a piece of furniture, was soooo
careful not to bang into anything, but the sugars....wow!  We were so
excited.  Each day she became more pump friendly, and stopped walking
funny.  The day she was wrestling with the neighbours dog and rolling
around in the backyard was so exciting.  We knew that she was going to
be okay with it.

Erica was 10 1/2, and I made a promise to her before she started
pumping.  If she did not like it, we would not keep it.  BUT!!  She made
a deal with me and she had to stick to it..  I asked her to give us one
month before she decided if she really wanted to keep pumping.  A week
later she was pretty well sold, a month later she would have traded in
her parents to keep the pump <vbg>

All the things that seem scary now will become just another rung on the
ladder.  You will start to recognize things and relax.  It is easier
said than done, but just keep turning to all the wonderful people on
this list for support and suggestions.  YOU CAN DO IT!!

Things will get better......

Take care,
Barb....Erica's mom

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